Updates Way Past Due

Life has generally been pure chaos with Kathy and I for the last several months. With work, travel, racing and just plain life, we’ve slipped on the house updates.

A lot has gone on since our last post. Most items are not photographically worthy. Such as: Rough electrical, Rough Plumbing, HVAC etc. There have also been a host of meetings with cabinet makers, tile, paint, and granite providers, and so on. We’re feeling pretty good about most of our choices. Although we had to circle back and readjust our selections on both the tile and the cabinets when we found ourselves WAY outside of our allowances (Leave it to Kathy and I to choose the most expensive products) but, we’re still very excited.

We took some MUCH needed time with each other on Nantucket and while away, our garage doors were installed. The main doors of the house and the porch entry to the garage have also been installed. (Images below)

Painting of the trim begins tomorrow and siding should be installed soon thereafter.

We’re scrambling now as our rental has been sold and we have to vacate August 1st. We’ll be living in a hotel for a what we hope is not more than a couple of months. Our plan is to store our household items in the garage and there is a mad dash to complete that structure before August 1st.

Moving to interim housing until the house is complete is stressful but, we’re very very grateful to John and Nancy for the opportunity to rent their house right next to our project. Our accessibility to our builder and he to us has been invaluable. So many decisions have been made with great satisfaction because of our proximity. Nothing quite like excellent neighbors. We’ll miss them a lot.

Now off to continue the packing. Arrrggghh.

A few images of our doors…

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